It's a long story, but I was a seventh grader who was interested in free jazz. And I loved the weird and the 'out there' in the form of novelty pop…
A review of his solo and studio work in the '70s & '80s
People forget that British punk, even at its most dour and political, always bristled with a sense of humor: the humor of the damned, perhaps. Punk…

February 2023

I still have that other Burt in my head...
Welcome to the cutout bins...
Some classic, lost alt-rock sounds

January 2023

"Where is my happy place? Wherever the music is.”
"Jeff Beck is my all time favorite guitarist. Now what can I say?" -John McLaughlin-
Also: People Who Died and announcing My Life in the Cutout Bins

December 2022

A few classics that are still on heavy rotation at my house

November 2022

Post Punk guitar innovator Keith Levene passed away November 11th
The charming career of Billy Idol